Coronavirus and Anxiety Across The Globe

Understanding Anxiety,
People often do not realize that there is a difference between stress and anxiety.
The difference between stress and anxiety is that stress is a relatively short term experience and may lead to good or bad results, where as anxiety if not taken care of in time can become a mental health issue. We must realize that apart from the disease that coronavirus causes, it is slowly becoming the biggest cause of anxiety among st the people.

There are different reasons that are causing anxiety in this time of pandemic and they may be different depending on different people. The most prominent reasons may be the disease itself, the fear it is causing, anxiety caused due to social distancing, not being able to see other people, anxiety due to financial or work related issues, business problems and the closing of offices for the majority of people. All of these problems are quite understandable and we cannot deny that we all to some extent feel this.

Coronavirus and anxiety is a big issue. We are all an equal part of this global issue and we are all fighting from it, therefore we must fight anxiety together as well. We can take the following measures to avoid it and we should advise everybody around us to follow them too.

Just like our normal daily life routine, we must make a new routine according to our lives now and follow it everyday. We should get proper sleep by going to bed on time and waking up on time as well. We should offer prayers and make it a permanent part of our routine. From all the time we are spending at home, we should spend time with our family because that will keep everybody engaged and that can be the biggest help, we can perform different activities with both children and grownups and have fun just like we do outside. We should have real conversations and take this opportunity to get back the time we have all lost in our extremely busy lives in today’s world. We should exercise at home and what would be even better is that we exercise together with our family keeping everybody engaged. Avoid over eating and keep a healthy and balanced diet because a healthy diet becomes the cause of a healthier mood. Most importantly take this time to reflect on yourself, make positive decisions regarding your own life and think about how you can be a better version of yourself and how you can stay a better person when all of this over. For some people it may be harder to deal with their anxiety issues and for them online therapy sessions can be of massive help, if anybody is facing more trouble than others and are having a hard time they should take online therapy sessions and learn how to deal with their anxiety, but they should definitely not leave it unattended.

By: Uzam Malik.


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