Coronavirus Anxiety

Coronavirus, scientific name ‘COVID-19’ came to the face of the world just three months ago, with the start of this year in southern china province of Wuhan. This deadly virus spread like a plague in the whole world, just in the matter of months in entered in 194 countries of the world out of 19 countries in total, killing thousands of individuals and infecting millions people across the globe. After world war 2 this virus has become biggest enemy to the humanity. It has affected the lives of billions, in facet every human being living now in this century is devastated by its outrage and its effects. Everyone is afraid of it now. Corona has become a threat to the humanity and has been declared as ‘Pandemic’ by World health organization (WHO). As mentioned above 194 countries, whole of the world, all the seven continents are under its disastrous attack killing humans at every corner of the world. It’s basically a respiratory virus which can be transferred through touch or through our breaths, and that is what making it hard to stop this contagious disease. And it has taken over the world in just the matter of three months in total. Coronavirus anxiety is real. May Allah save us all from this deadly virus.

Now let us look into some facts from where it started i.e. China. In china there were more than 82 thousand cases registered to have infected by corona virus and Alhamdulillah more than 72 thousand individuals have been recovered, and many more on their way to recovery. Across the globe 1 lac individuals got recovered from corona virus. This is to be informed that of course it’s a deadly virus and of course that it is still spreading and killing people but on the other hand many are getting recovered as well Alhamdulillah. Countries like china have finally been able to control its more spreading. So there for we the human also have hope. We should not be afraid of it but fight against it together and yes we can. ‘Don’t fear corona but fight corona’. As a Muslim we all believe that we all got to go one day and that our time is fixed then why fear death? Don’t fear it because fear is itself a destructive monster. Fear is the subtlest and destructive of all human miseries. Ladies and gentleman fear, fear kills hope, fear kills dream, fear kills faith, fear can age you, fear can put people in a hospital. Don’t you ever get afraid of anything. The only one to fear is Allah Almighty. And non-other than Him, as a believer we all should have faith in our creator and believe in Him that only He can keep us save from this plague. Of course it’s because of His wrath that this disastrous enemy of humanity has been thrust upon us, nut also He has given us chance and showed us hope that we all must get united against this enemy of ours and fight it without any discrimination of color, creed, religion or politics, or countries or any boundaries but to unite ourselves as human beings, and learn to respect our differences and help each other out in these devastating times.

So now let us look how to fortify ourselves against this deadly enemy. Firstly, we all must have faith and strong believe in Allah and hope. Don’t lose hope. Then understand, to fight any enemy one should know it’s weakness, so as we know this virus thrives on dirt; so cleanliness it the key, that’s its weakness. So stay clean, wash your hand several times a day and take daily shower, keep yourself and your surrounding clean including everything you use or touch n regular bases. Then we know our enemy ‘corona’ spreads through breaths, so wear mask, avoid touching other people as its very contagious, don’t go on large gatherings, avoid get-togethers, avoid shaking hands and hugging your friends or family members or anyone you meet and these are the precautions that’s for your and their well being try to understand this. also avoid touching your vital open areas like nose, mouth, eyes or tongue. And then to control spreading we all should avoid going outside unnecessarily, avoid gathering and get-together. No going to the markets and hotels or restaurants for recreational purposes, avoid unless absolute necessity, use sanitizers, in case of any respiratory issue or complications contact your doctor immediately. So these simple precautions carefully taken and followed regularly can keep us safe from this deadly enemy of ours. But instead of doing so, I see many people getting themselves into stress and anxiety and mass media being responsible for creating ciaos in the society, and some of them are taking this virus very lightly, remember never to underestimate your enemy. Let me tell you, none of us is invincible and just as it has killed thousands of other human beings, God forbid if we run into I, it can also kill us, and this would be suicide if we do so, by not taking proper precautions and running ourselves into some carrier of the virus. So we’ve got to be very careful and vigilant. Follow the instructions given by the government and authorities very seriously and carefully. Do not go outside unnecessarily and try to isolate yourself from the environment and society for a time being as much as we can and self-quarantine ourselves this is the right way to fight against it. So face it and don’t get afraid of it and fight it by taking full precautions and then have faith in Allah Almighty, inshallah nothing is going to happen to us.

Baad-e-mukhalif sa na ghabra aa ouqab

Ya to chalti hain tujy uncha uranay k lia

 ~ Allama Iqbal

And now is the time to actually ask for Allah’s forgiveness of our sins in a real manner and one should mean It. In this devastating times there is also an opportunity hidden inside to do good deeds and convince Allah for our forgiveness. Especially for the rich people out there and in fact everyone just as much as they can they should try to help the poor and needy people of our society. Help our government, stand together to fight against this adversity and as a nation we soon will pull ourselves out of this virus disaster Inshallah. I like the way the poet puts it

Little deeds of kindness

Little words of love

Can make this Earth and Eden

Like the Heavens above

So my fellows there’s no need to be stress out because of it but to face it boldly and to act maturely. Inshallah everything will be fine. Utilize this time period of staying at home positively and make the most of it. Read books, listen to good stuff, try to spend quality time with your family which now a day we people rarely do. And on top of it do Astagfar to Allah almighty. Pray for everyone. May Allah be with all of us and keep us safe amen.


By Shahzada Hamza  

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