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Detoxification is one of the most difficult and stressful time period for the client, the client goes through withdrawals and craving, but science has made it e asier, safe and less painful. We Detoxify the patients with the help of medicines that are prescribed by the psychiatrist according to the patient’s condition, daily medical check-up, Psychotherapy. They are given a healthy diet and some physical exercises so that the chemicals can wave off. It usually takes a fortnight in the detox process. It’s a complete assessment supervised detoxification. After it comes the most important part called Rehabilitation.



Detox is important but the most important part of the treatment is Rehabilitation, because drugs, Alcohol and all other substances effect the body in so many ways, some clients are effected mentally, some are with physical weaknesses which takes time to recover, during the rehabilitation process we make our clients realize their worth, their capabilities, and we make them reappear in front of their families with their new selves.
During this process we focus on four areas of our clients,
We make sure that he’s recovering
1: Physically
2: Psychologically
3: Socially
4: Spiritually
When the client is good with these steps, he is than good to move on the next step as well as for the coming challenges

(+92) 315 - 0500158

This is our final step, the client gets clean but he’s not aware of the challenges that he is going to face when he leaves the clinic.
We Guide & Train him through all the information that he needs to maintain his recovery.

(+92) 315 - 0500158

Our follow up program is a free life time program for all our clients who are facing problems in their recovery and daily lives struggle they can come to the clinic and openly discuss their problems with their therapists.

(+92) 315 - 0500158

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