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Hero Health Care is a community based Organization/Company that is registered under Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Also a member of the world federation against drug abuse WFAD. Hero HealthCare is working against the normalization of drug abuse in the society and is working in providing Awareness and Treatment for Substance Abuse Dependency and Psychological Illnesses.Hero Health care is a leader in the market for providing best addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Hero Health Care is a community based Addiction treatment center and Rehab Center.Hero Health Care is working against the drug abuse. Hero health care provide follow ups and other services also. We are one of the best rehabilitation center is Islamabad and Rawalpindi (twin Cities). You can check our services at our service page

Hero HealthCare is currently working as a treatment clinic which offers both “Residential Treatment” & “Outdoor Treatment”, This includes a complete rehabilitation service with a lifetime follow up program.

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Personalized patient care is what sets Hero Health Care apart. When you visit one our  campus location you can expect to receive world class care. Expert psychologists specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience.

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Consultant Psychiatrist Hero Health Care

Dr Iftikhar Burney
Hero Health Care
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Head of Psychology Department

Clinical Psychologist Member ISSUP Member APA

Sahrish Ruba
Hero Health Care
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Founder The Buzz Myth Motivational Speaker

Hassaan E Muhammad
Hero Health Care

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Waqar Ahmed

When i came to hero health care, my physical condition was worse. I was not able to eat, sleep, relax because of my Drug Withdrawals. Also, my mental condition was completely devastated. Now i feel a whole lot of difference, I don't feel any withdrawals or pains. It is an immense pleasure to come at Hero Health Care.

Zohair Ahmed

When i came to Hero Health Care i was like a monster, i was wild not being human, acting insane. But know that I am going back home, Hero Health has changed my life. I thank my Doctor and his team because they have made me a human again. H&H is an amazing organization and they have a wonderful co-operative staff, being in H&H has made me realized that there is still hope and a lot of love in this world.

Kashif Raza

When i was admitted into hero health care i was in a critical condition, I was physically lean and psychological disturbed. H&H has helped me in coming back to life. I thank the staff and team who was made me what i am today.

Saif Khan

When i came to hero health care my condition was worse because of drug addiction, i was completely psychotic and was not in a position to understand anything. Now that i am getting discharged i feel so much better and hero health care has given me a new life. I am very thankful to the H&H team.

Zamin Raza

When i was admitted into hero health care, i was in a severe psychotic state. Now with the help of professionals, i feel very better and i am sure that i can stay clean.


When I was admitted, I was very stubborn, aggressive and impulsive. Hero health care has helped me in realizing about my real self. I got to know the true meaning and importance of recovery when I got here. Being a female, I got all the extraordinary services and all my time was sweet and memorable. I came in here like a junkie and I left as a hero.


I was admitted hero health care with heroin addiction, i had tried so many times to get over drugs but unfortunately i was not able to. Now i have been treated by hero rehab and I'm clean Alhamdulillah. Hero rehab is probably the best rehabilitation service.

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